About "The Celebration of the Horse"

2017 marked the 25th anniversary of the Tuckahoe Equestrian Center a 501(c)3 organization. We decided to celebrate.  Since we are a very diverse group we assembled a group of exhibitors to showcase as many equestrian activities as possible.

Throughout history man and horse have partnered in countless pursuits from transportation and agriculture to military and companionship. Without our equine friends fields would not have been plowed, the “West” would never have been settled and we wouldn’t have traveled very far on our own two feet.

Today people of all ages ride and drive our 4-hoofed friends in more ways than you can count. We aim to share some of the many ways we enjoy our relationship with our treasured friends.

Now in its third year, our Celebration of the Horse will be held on Saturday September 28th from 10-4.  The equestrian center is located in Tuckahoe State Park at 619 Crouse Mill Rd in Queen Anne.  The show opens with the Rough Riders performing their musical ride to a medley of patriotic songs. They will be followed by the Queen Anne 4H Drill Team, barrel racing, western reining, therapeutic riding, dressage, competitive trail and driving. There will be exhibitions of Roman and trick riding, bridleless jumping, natural horsemanship, mounted archery and jousting. Not to be left out, mules, donkeys and mustangs will join the fun. The Gentle Giants draft horse rescue group will highlight all the activities they participate in. We even have the Delmarva Mounted and Canine Search and Rescue team here to amaze spectators with their skill.

There will be food available to purchase in the clubhouse and vendors of all types will offer their wares.  Equine professionals such as a veterinarian, farrier, dentist and saddle fitter will be on site to offer education and answer all inquiries. Please see our website Tuckahoeequestriancenter.com for a list of exhibitors, vendors and sponsors. 

We are still open to additional vendors and of course the support of sponsors is always welcome. Appropriate forms are also on our website.

Whether you are an experienced rider or just love horses, come out to cheer on the exhibitors and take a free mule driven carriage ride with Pat and Pearl from Grove Creek Mules.  See you there!