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About "The Celebration of the Horse"

Celebration of the Horse History

2017 marked the 25th anniversary of the Tuckahoe Equestrian Center, a 501(c)3 organization. We decided to celebrate. Since we are a very diverse group, we assembled a group of exhibitors to showcase as many equestrian activities as possible.

Throughout history man and horse have partnered in countless pursuits from transportation and agriculture to military and companionship. Without our equine friends, fields would not have been plowed, the “West” would never have been settled and we wouldn’t have traveled very far on our own two feet.

Today, people of all ages ride and drive our 4 hoofed friends in more ways than you can count. We aim to share some of the many ways we enjoy our relationship with our treasured friends.

Now in its fourth year, the show will open with the National Anthem sung by Pat Holmes at 9:55am. The Rough Riders will then perform their musical ride to a medley of songs.

There will also be exhibitions of bridleless riding, bridleless jumping, Roman riding, vaulting, side saddle riding, dressage, driving and Mary-land’s Official State Sport Jousting. Not to be left out, Rocky Mountains, Paso Finos, Standardbreds and Mustangs will join the fun. We even have the Delmarva Mounted Search and Rescue team here to amaze spectators with their skill.

Food will be available to purchase from local groups. Vendors of all types will offer their wares as well. Equine professionals such as a veterinarian, farrier, dentist and an equine ambulance will be on site to offer education and answer all inquiries.


What is Tuckahoe Equestrian Center?

The Tuckahoe Equestrian Center is a 'Family and Youth-Oriented' organization located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in Tuckahoe State Park, north of Route 404. We are a non-profit, 501 (c)3 organization, actively promoting all equestrian activities such as 4-H, youth activities, games days, trail riding, driving, jousting, parades, and horse shows which include jumping, dressage, and English or Western equitation.

History of Tuckahoe Equestrian Center...

In 1992, the former Crouse farm became the Tuckahoe Equestrian Center, a group now having a major influence on the equine community in the state of Maryland. To date, our means of support and expansion have come from an active core of volunteers, membership fees, donations, and fund-raisers.


Features of Tuckahoe Equestrian Center…

Tuckahoe Equestrian Center features a barn with several stalls, a clubhouse, tree-shaded picnic area, and a 300' x 150' outdoor arena with a permanent raised announcer's stand, lighted jousting path, permanently installed audio system which covers the entire equestrian center grounds, and 15 miles of trails throughout the state park. Color-coded trail maps and trail guides are available at the Tuckahoe State Park office on Eveland Road or from the Maryland DNR website...https:// tuckahoe.aspx

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