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Mogie Bearden-Muller is a United States Equestrian Federation recognized “r” Course Designer, and United States Eventing Association certified ICP Level III Instructor. She is a CCI3* Level rider with over 20 years experience in the equestrian sport of Three-Day Eventing, and has competed in show jumping and dressage at the highest levels. Mogie has competed at the highest level throughout the United States and Canada, and has developed and coached riders through the Three-and Four-Star level in Europe and in the United States.


Jousting - “Charge, Sir Knight, Charge” Jousting is the oldest equestrian sport in the world and became Maryland’s Official State Sport in 1962. Jousting today has become a civilized game of keen horseman-ship, skill and sportsmanship with the development of “The Ring Tournaments”. Local jousts are held throughout the Caroline, Talbot, and Queen Anne areas. The object of Jousting is to run your horse at a gait greater than a walk down the 80 yard jousting path three times and spear up to 3 rings each time for a total of 9 rings in under 8 seconds (except Novice and Lead line which are not timed). Ring sizes range from 1¾” to 1” in diameter. In the event of ties, rings will drop ¼” in size until a winner is announced. The smallest ring to be caught is a ¼” which is equivalent to a life saver. There are 5 classes: Lead line – 1¾”, Novice – 1¾”, Amateur – 1½”, Semi-Pro – 1¼”, and Pro – 1”.


Delmarva Search and Rescue Group, Inc. is a professional, volunteer

organization comprised of trained civilian responders. Learn how they work to preserve life when the odds are stacked against the victim, and meet & greet with some of their members and their certified K9s and equines.


Scotchman’s Glen Gypsies is a boutique farm, family owned and operated, located in Earleville, MD. Their Gypsy Vanners are strong, intelligent, docile, athletic, colorful and versatile. They like to refer to them as the Golden Retrievers of the horse world. Originally from Great Britain and were bred to pull the gypsy’s caravan, Vanners were also known as Gypsy Cobs, Irish Cobs or Gypsy Horse. They were given the name Gypsy Vanner when they first arrived in North America in 1996.


Bruce Anderson grew up on the West Indian islands of Trinidad and Tobago and it was there that he began his relationship with horses. He learned to ride and then represented his country on the National Show Jumping Team. From there he moved to breeding farms at home, in the U.K. and in the U.S. He also enjoys working with horse owners and their horses to assist them in building better relationships.


Delmarva Driving Club was formed in the Summer of 1983 and pro-vides a variety of opportunities for all members and all levels of driving. Most events are held in Southern Delaware or the Central Eastern Shore but members are from all over the East Coast.


Michaela Schock, as seen aboard Lightning Moon, a 2006 Standard-bred gelding. Lightning Moon ended his racing career battling in the 15,000 claimers in 2016. It was not until 2018 when a bowed tendon officially retired Moon from racing. Michaela has spent time retraining and repurposing Moon and he thrives in the jumper ring as well as enjoys paper chases, fox hunting and jumper derbies.


Maria Buchanan, as seen aboard Big Bikkies, a 2006 Standardbred gelding. A coffin fracture and repeat suspensory injuries retired Bikkies from racing in 2011. After some down time, Bikkies has easily adjusted to English and Western Pleasure, Dressage, Carriage Driving, Jumping, Hinters and trail paces.


Sophia Gurerro , as seen aboard Andy Ray, a 2012 Standardbred gelding. This retired trotter is being pampered by 4 young girls ranging from 9 to 18 years of age with varying levels of riding skills, and has been a perfect gentleman.


Lisanne Fear and Hannah Catalino are part of the “Mustang Discovery

 Ride” which started in Delaware in September 2021 and will take you on a journey across the Unites States, coast to coast, on American Mustangs. The two young women, both trainers, along with 4 American Mustangs and a curious wild born molly Mulestang will cover 12 states in 12 months, ending their journey on the California coast next year. EQUUS TV will handle the coverage and updates of the ride.


Brendan Wise, an Internationally recognized and sought after clinician, specializes in blending the strengths of western and natural horseman-ship with the intense study and application of Classical Dressage, Equestrian Art, and Equestrian Sport. He has devoted himself to the pursuit of many specializations including Classical Dressage, Competitive Dressage, Working Equitation, Showjumping, and Western performance disciplines. Using the knowledge gained from each discipline and way of riding, he brings to the table a rare and unique perspective, informed by the ability to tackle training challenges from every angle possible.


Melanie Ferrio-Wise is a featured guest rider with Brendan Wise. She has gained international recognition as the 1st amateur rider in history to compete bridleless at the Washington International Horse Show in 2017 and 2018. Her commitment to going against the grain to do what she feels is best for her horse has become an inspiration for many around the globe.


Karen Marx has been riding since she was a young child. She has enjoyed coaching kids and adults over the years, including students who placed at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Karen has experience with breaking horses, western, English, jumping, trail riding, and gaited horses. She grew up in 4H and loves to give back to the next generation.


Maryland Rough Riders have been wowing crowds all over the region for many years. The group is composed of 12-15 men and women who have ridden trails from North Carolina to Pennsylvania. It’s precision drill team has participated in a host of parades in Maryland and Delaware, in the Cherry Blossom parade in Washington, DC and performed on the beach at the Sea Witch Festival in Rehoboth. Many members of TEC ride as Rough Riders and are on the Drill Team here today.


Jonathan Shaw, a Queenstown Horse Enthusiast, is riding Domino, his 10 year old Pinto Paso Fino. Jonathan practices the ancient art of falconry from horseback as well as mounted archery, soccer, obstacle challenges, garrocha and bridleless riding. Jonathan is also a well-known wildlife and equine artist.


Kirsten Willey and John Moore will tell the Native American Story of the Appaloosa Horse, entertain everyone with their Roman Riding as well as show us Trick Training. Kirsten will have several students demonstrate vaulting on different levels on the barrel and on horseback.


Klaus Schengber, hailing from Osnabrück, Germany, has been head trainer at High Point Hanoverians for over 20 years. Klaus spent his youth under the renowned Ulli Kasselmann of P.S.I. Auctions, which he credits for instilling in him the foundation of proper German dressage training. During the early 1990s, he teamed with Angela Barilar to help fulfill a dream of making high quality horses from Germany more accessible to the horse community in the US.


Heidi Feustel-Ferguson is seen riding side saddle. The style of side saddle riding is very traditional and, to be done correctly for show standards, rules and appearance must strictly be followed. Today, most side saddle riders have adopted the modern safety helmet for active riding, saving the more elegant top hats and bowlers for photo ops be-fore the hunt moves off or the show begins. Side saddles are made for several disciplines: hunt seat, saddle seat, western, park, Spanish to name just a few. Though many fear side saddle/aside riding as being precarious, in reality, it is more secure than astride riding due to the ability to employ several means of securing one’s seat via the use of techniques known as the purchase grip and the reserve grip.


Allison Rubenstien will talk about the Rocky Mountain Horse breed. What is the Rocky Mountain Horse? It’s been a secret breed since the late 1800s, but Allison will demonstrate their gait, and personality in addition to revealing the history behind the breed and their purpose.


Parade of Breeds showcases numerous breeds and colors of local exhibitors. Be sure to check it out. How many breeds can you identify??

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